Am I?

I think I’m in love

Why does it feel like we’re meant to be?
It’s like you’re made just for me.
I think about you each day and night.
I look forward to be with you even if we’re together everyday.
Even if sometimes I hate you because you stress me out
Even if other people told me to find another
I still feel like I want to be with you

I feel really attached with you
You make me really happy and 
There are no dull or boring moments
You always have something new

I feel like I don’t want to be anywhere else than here. Is this love? Because if it is… I think I’m deeply and madly in love with you!

Haaaayyy!! I really love my work! <3


List of things I want to learn this year:
  1. Unity3D 4.3 (learn to use the 2D and 3D side)
  2. 3D Modelling(? Not really willing but I must learn at least the basics)
  3. Android application development (need to study more on this)
  4. Selenium (to raise my value as QA *wink*)
  5. MongoDB (simply curious about this)
  6. MS Excel Macro (to raise my value at work din)

Sana masingit ko siya in between of my weekday work, weekend work, action group work, watching TV shows and movies, and social life(oh wait, I don’t have much of that anymore lol T_T).

And thennn… I target to be promoted this year with a good rating, go on a nice vacation with my family(maybe on December? Where though?) and also to produce a good thesis project with my advisory team :)

I want to also maintain my good relationship with the people I work with (may it be onshore or offshore) hehe ^^

Pho Hoa ft. My Thai

*too sleepy to write a decent lenghty post so this will be quick*

Ate here today with workmates/friends haha. We ate in their bracg in Taguig wherein Pho Hoa and My Thai’s space is joint with each other. Place’s ambiance is so-so. Nothing special that I took notice of.

Food is good. I ordered their rice meal, not noodles (which is their specialty). My dish has fried rice(?), grilled chicken, and spring rolls. I enjoyed their spring rolls the most. It’s crispy and felt so meaty… yum! And I also love the sawsawan na suka. Not you typical vinegar as it’s not too sour and it gives a hint of sweetness.

Again, it’s not someplace I’ll go to frequently. Recommended budget is around 300.

I might eat here again to try their noodle dish. :)